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, the economy and the tenants. i actually went to that committee to see what was going on after hear something reports about problems there. i made a couple of visits and i did not like what i saw. i think i heard a lot of testimony this afternoon about things getting swept under the rug and you are hearing a little bit of that carpet being pulled up right now and we're seeing reports about some problems there. i think it's not the unusual expiring of sunset and committees. you are starting to see there are issues here and like tony and the other speakers, i think you are faced with a bit of a problem in that have you two choices. one choice is to do something dramatic, like say, no this is not the time we're going to extend this committee. we're going to slow it down. and maybe reconstitute it and take a look at what we're doing and the other possibility is that because the function may be mandated by law, and we really do want to have that oversight work well, you might have to really take a look at the functioning of that committee. everyone agrees that the oversight is huge. there is billi
probably forget someone. they are fueling the economy, we want to draft off that. that makes this interesting. we added a hash tag to the name. no one's done that. we want the bay area -- i guess there are 8 million, maybe more or maybe less, we want them all to participate. by this logo it says come on, let's show the nfl we are in this together that. is pretty much it. [applause] >> short and sweet. thank you, rich silverstein. listen, the ceo of the 9ers is here. obviously this is not happening if the 9ers are not building a state-of-the-art, brand-new facility. we are excited to see it. it is going up fast. will it be ready in time for super bowl 50. we hope we have the honor of hosting it. mr. york. [applause] >> it is a pleasure to be here and bid for super bowl 50. the last time there was a super bowl in northern california i wasn't quite 4 years old. you have super bowl in palo alto at stanford stadium that the 49ers happen to plan and happen to win. it would be nice to recreate that type of feeling where you bring the entire bay area together. not just for a game bu
generations of kids win. our economy wins. what i think are things that we do well. all of so many other aspects of our society win out when we use these opportunities and invite a lo more to come together and think creatively as we are the novation capital of the rld. we willcontinue to do that and continue to invite more partners to be our partners in this great event. go sf super bowl! [applause] >> mayor lee, it is an honor to be chairing this committee. we won't be able to do this without you so thank you for your support today. we have a lot of folks around us. and one silverstein. [ laughter] >> all about rich. i just want to say thank you to the team at goodby silverstein, the social media campaign. you have worked incredibly hard. rich, your team is amazing. come up here and tell everybody about the logo and the campaign. [applause] >> we have to win this. we are not in it to come in second. we've got to win it. i challenge anyone to have better looking goal posts than that. we have remarkable area. we have a great group of people. the logo really reflects the expressiveness and
at least three cycles of the economy in san francisco. we have had boomer bust cycles at least three times since linda has been working here, and i am very heartened. i am disheartened by linda's retirement but hearted by the planning commission that used the services of the secretary as you heard. the commission secretary position as commissioner antonini has heard me say is only second to the board of supervisors clerk in importance in the city. it is the place where the public has the interface with the commission, and with the department. it is that seat right here, and i cannot stress how much that linda occupying that seat has been important because it is -- she is not only your representative when you're talking to the staff, but the public's representative when we are talking to commission and the staff, and linda is very, very important, and i wish her well. i don't wish her retirement. i wish she was still here. it's my selfishness and i am sorry for my selfishness but we have to acknowledge none of us have lasted 31 years. no staff member, no commissioner, but the commis
with or the collaborative. one of the parties for our office was to ensure with the growing job economy many of the residents benefited from this as well. zen dust took this to heart and hired two summer intens in the neighborhood and i know them personally and live in the affordable housing developments and two young people part of veetnies center and they walked a couple of blocks from the home to new tech companies in midmarket where they were getting trained and employed and a new growing sector for me was particularly heart warming. zen dust collaborated with the community services and in the audience and work with chef programs that they catered all of their work events and supported the effort of several of our groups to cultivate more community gardens in the tenderloin. we want to see more of this. the city cultivated an environment where tech companies can thrive but with with the thing that they would give back and i want to commend them for setting the standards that are moving in and we have several agreements that are about to be signed before the end the year. it is clear
that businesses stay, particularly small businesses because they provide more to the economy than these large corporations like cvs, thank you. >> any other members of the public wish to comment? come on up. >> pardon me for being late, there was a two hour commute from nevado, my name is antoine, i'm one of the owners of 165 jefferson, in 1934, my father bought the property and it's still in the family, although scattered amongst children and grandchildren, in 1934, my father bought the property put his hardware store in it in 1968, the [inaudible] restaurant burnt down and took my father's hardware store with it, they built two structures, ours was mostly shops, theirs, they had a restaurant and a bar downstairs and offices upstairs. thereafter, this being his, they closed the restaurant downstairs, but they leased upstairs to a bar called the silhouettes, so the premises next to joining us at 155 jefferson has had a liquor license on the first floor and a restaurant and then they had a stand alone restaurant upstairs, the trade upstairs was people that used to work in the area and of cours
to suffer, and if we're going to be participating in our great economy in san francisco we have to find a way for better transportation routes to transfer people up north and down south of the city, and when we call ourselves a city as a transit first city there is no better example than that than what is reflected in the plans for the central subway. this project is a vital enhancement of our public transportation system. it's going to significantly improve the movement of tens of thousands of franciscans and if you were here this past weekend when people were predicting it would be jam san francisco instead of san francisco you knew that folks were educated because of the great leadership at our mta, our county transportation, all of our transit systems and were at the highest level of educating the visitors and others to use public transportation. it will work for all of us and as we build the housing units we identified in hunter's point and treasure island and welcome more people to our great city and we are growing as a result. we are going to have the greatest subway system t
would bring to the economy of san francisco and marin and as we look ahead for 75 years it's interesting what this does for this region. you know the bay area has become the blue angels of science. we do lots of stunts, and we are very successful at doing those stunts and we do them at high speeds, and between this project and the project for cal train to electifiy it over the next seven years $3 billion is going to be spent regionally on transit here, and we can say thank you to the secretary of transportation and to the regional transit authorities who have create thursday opportunity for the transportation. >> >> that will create a 22nd century of transit for the tronst century of jobs so thank you to secretary lahood and thank you to the leadership for all that we have accomplished here today. [applause] >> peter rogof was dominated to serve in the federal administration by the department of transportation in 2009 by president barack obama. he has over see the disbursement throughout the country through the american reinvestment act and has done so meeting every milestone establis
and working with target we can actually deliver them and this is the prochgz a good economy brings. this is what working with business is all about. it's what working with corporate citizens like target is all about and the jobs are here not only because of target but you have shown a great effort with our schools. the backpack give give a way program was exciting with the schools and the grants and it's a wonderful time to work with you as a corporate citizen so i look forward to a great icon of a city target store here. it is part of a brand news revised buildings and restaurants in the grownt floor and meeting spaces -- i think i will hold a few fundraisers up top with that city view and fun to do and of course when my wife says "we haven't seen a movie later" we will get down here and it has it all here. we welcome target for being here. we thank you for your corporate partnership and the partnership on the hiring and we look forward to a great partnership for years to come and west field and united way of the bay area and i want to say thank you to the wonderful team. th
healthy economy that successfully weathered the worst economic crisis since the great depression. the commission wishes you well in your future endeavors including shepherding the iconic waterfront development the mayor has tasked to you. thank you very much. >> thank you. (applause) >> and on behalf of -- i present you with this gold sf made tin. >> thank you so much. >> can i take a minute to thank the commissioners? >> yes, please. >> i was really very delighted to hear that i had been nominated for this and i am very, very pleased to be recognized by the small business commission. i started working for the city about nine years ago for supervisor alioto-pier, and one of the first things we worked on together was proposition i that we took to the voters that included the creation of the small business assistance center, and really aimed to dedicate more resources to small businesses. and i consider myself incredibly fortunate to have worked with some of you directly. some of you worked indirectly worked with regina many years, to. worked with commissioner e. rely on the format
go down because of labor concessions and helpfulness in a bad economy. >> i think within the typesful things that rates pay for, the easiest to explain are bond issues. especially if it's a bond issue like the bond that were approved by the voters, you asked us to do it, you gave them monies, we promised to repay the loans that we have taken out. that's why your rate went up by this amount. that's very ease toy explain. it buys you seismic safety and reliability. that is an easy explanation to give. the hardest one to give is within operating. operating funds, so many things, some big, some small, that is just hard to explain it. now, if we start from a position that we want to keep things as loud as we can and provide explanations as to the forces, if any, that drive you above that, then i think that goes a long wail to completing an understandable story as to why rates have to be what they have to be. >> what form do you want this to take? >> i will move this as an amendment to the policy that is in front of you. >> i was just going to ask you to read it again just to be -- because
struggling in this economy and that they have to deal with the aftermath of something like that is simply unacceptable. i want to take this opportunity to thank the department of public works, to mohammed nuru and his crew who are working diligently following the incidents. he had a large crew cleaning the streets. and in recognition of the burden that this has on these small businesses, i asked mr. nuru that the city actually help with the clean up of the graffiti. usually it's the property owner, the business owner that is tasked with having to clean it up. but given the magnitude of what happened, i think it was appropriate for the city to take that responsibility itself. and i want to thank him for dedicating the resources to do that. we have an obligation and responsibility as we celebrate to ensure that we protect our small businesses. we will continue to work with the department of public works to make sure that we help those businesses that were vandalized. but i think it's important as we move forward in continuing to celebrate the victory by the giants and we have our parade tom
) and the way that we think about is it an incubator in the government. it is not to incubate the economy, it is to execute projects and it is actually... (inaudible) program and the present priorities. one such program that is really focused up to date is presidential innovations for... shall we go through... okay. so, then and as an effort that, really have the idea for, basically made... and the whole idea is an amazing... and the government to work with all of the innovators on game-changing that they can actually move forward and... money, and improve it in the lives of americans. and the idea is that the teams work in (inaudible) in part of and deliver... within six months. and so not as a... powerpoint or... actual out come and actual change. and they are... the american people. what we actually did was in the version of a traditional (inaudible) and actually... what we did instead was the ground force from within the government a set of... funded
to really be able to access the wonderful economy that we are involved in, with all of our different, new, companies that are coming in. like apples... (inaudible) to write a future. to be able to live in an exciting vibrant city. i am so glad that we have to have such a compliment with innovation at such a level, thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, so much, for your incredibly exciting (inaudible) i am sure that you will get tons of applicants for the fellow. and one thing that i can say is if you follow... you are actually following (inaudible) for her as inspiration for all of this. and what a wonderful movement it is. so what we are going to do now is actually move into the interactive portion of the (inaudible). so you can decide which one you want to join. and on the two break out sessions happening at the same time and then the break-out sessions, one for the... (inaudible) and the other for... and which do you want to go to. so the first project, we talked about in detail is called the open data initiatives program. it is very much building on what steve was talking ab
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)